Kitchen Duct Cleaning Kent

Kitchen Duct Cleaning Kent 

kitchen deep clean duct cleaning

 Our personalised kitchen deep cleaning / duct cleaning plan is designed to your needs

We work with specialised duct cleaning products and machinery to attain the highest levels of hygiene

 We’re a fully accredited duct cleaning company in Kent

 Working to the highest duct cleaning standards, never disrupting service in the kitchen

 Adhere to TR/19 Standards

One of the top 5 duct cleaning companies in the UK

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Accredited by:

EnviroGroup London accreditations duct and canopy cleaning

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Don’t Play with Fire

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into effect in October 2006 and establishes a general duty to ensure the safety of both employees and non-employees in the event of fire. The Main duty holder is the ‘responsible person’ who may be the employer, owner or other person who has control of the premises. The responsible person has to ensure that a ‘suitable and sufficient’ fire risk assessment is carried out, that suitable general fire precautions are provided and maintained – which includes the importance of clean of ducting and extraction.

Risk & Insurance

Ventilation ductwork is a key area of potential fire risk and too many systems have failed to meet fire safety guidelines in the past. Insurance companies will want to see a certificate that the systems have been cleaned properly and if this isn’t available then there is a chance the insurance company wont cover the costs for damaged.


With dampers, late problems are big problems The dampers should also be tested in ‘real’ conditions to show how they perform in different types of wall or ceiling installations and when subjected to different pressures through the ventilation system. Insurance companies are taking greater interest in this area and will see lack of co-ordination in the project chain as compromising fire safety – they may choose to withhold cover as a result or dispute liability after a fire.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning Kent

Carry out 20 minute non disruptive audits on extraction systems, we compile a report which would point out if there were any problem issues the offer a quote for the highest standard of cleaning that your duct work could have.

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